New Studio! December 2022


During December I have moved into my new art studio on Exeter Road in Kingsteignton.

For eight years I have had an art studio in my home.  It had been a wonderful space but I really find the house too distracting with all of my duties being a mother and wife glaringly obvious. Ah! domestic bliss! 

No, I needed to get away where no one can say, ‘mum whats for tea?’ when I am mid flow in a project. Don’t worry, they do have another parent who also cooks so they won’t starve. 

The new studio is in a really old shop straight off of Gestridge road. 
Ok its a little bit ramshackle.  Some of the roof tiles may be missing and it may be a tiny bit damp in there but I think its cute! It is a good light space within walking distance of my house. I feel without the distractions of home I will really be able to switch off and concentrate on the art.   

The studio also has a shop window.  It is situated with a front door right on the main road. At busy times its not safe for people to just stand and browse (times have changed since it was built). However, if people are driving past and I do have a display in the window then they might just see something they like. 

Over Christmas I had a nasty strain on my back.  I am still recovering and because I am so physical when I paint its been hard to create anything.

Instead, I have been busy buying second hand freestanding furniture to provide storage and to make me feel more at home in the space. 

In my childhood we had very little money.  We would always have second hand
mis-matched furniture.  As a result I feel very at home with exploring the local ‘dump’ or second hand furniture stores. People throw away amazing things! I love programs involving furniture restoration and up-cycling.  If I had another life I would probably try and restore furniture as well!

As the days get lighter I can feel the energy starting to surge in me. I really want to create! 

What more to say than watch this space! 




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New Studio! December 2022