About Me

I am a mixed media en plein air painter.  I make direct observations from the landscape and take these back to the studio to build my paintings. 

“It is important to me that I don’t just put everything I see into a painting, but also everything that I feel. 
When I paint, I’m looking for something that I consider ordinary, that I take for granted every day. There are moments when this ordinary is at it’s most wonderful. This is what I would like people to see.”

In 2008 when I had my first child I knew I wanted to paint full time for a living.
I started to attend an art course with a magnificent artist, Daniel Stone MA(RCA).  
I studied with him every week for ten years. He is still a friend and a mentor today. 

For the last eight years I have been successfully selling my paintings in local galleries.  
In recent years I have also had work selected by the South West Academy, the Royal West Academy (Bristol), the Society of Women Artists (SWA) and the Discerning Eye Art Exhibitions in London.





I really enjoy demonstrating and running workshops to try and inspire others with what I have learned.
Public speaking has become easy for me. I enjoy nothing better than having some light hearted fun and banter with small or large groups of people.

With my painting as with any skill, I am constantly striving to find new ways to express myself. Experimentation leads to progress and new breakthroughs in how I can present my ideas. 


Jayne Farleigh