• Jayne Farleigh Artist.


Welcome to my website.
I am an expressive landscape painter. 


I  have a profound appreciation for the beauty and energy of the natural world.

As a child I was always drawn to nature spending hours in our garden looking at the plants and insects.
Growing up in a large family, me, my parents and siblings would all paint and draw together.
After A levels I had a career in window dressing and interior design, but I realised I had a real need to reconnect to my painting again after my two children were born.

I am never happier than when I am outside painting and sketching!
Painting outside is a hugely insightful experience, especially when dealing with the challenges that the weather presents.
Getting out into the landscape, I have learned to adapt to the changing conditions, this has had a positive impact on the way that I work and the materials that I use.

I find it really exciting to use mixed media. There is a risk involved with every painting that an idea may or may not work out. As an artist I feel it is part of my journey to push the boundaries and  experiment with different materials. This way I can continuously evolve and refine my techniques. This opens up new avenues of expression that I feel lead to even more evocative and impactful artworks.



My Journey

In my current paintings I am looking for a connection between the sky, water and earth.
I want to show the energy running through the layers of the scene before me.
We often see what is happening above ground level.
I’m exploring the power beneath our feet: How the light and water feed this life giving energy.

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