Jayne Farleigh Artist.


I have travelled to many beautiful parts of the world.
I have family living in Copenhagen and Australia, but my heart lies here in the west of England.
I’m inspired to create my paintings from my local coastal and moorland walks in Devon and Cornwall.   For me when it comes to landscape painting I find to truly connect to a place there is nothing more emotionally grounding than to physically spend time there and paint.
To really get a feel for the energy.  To see where the light is coming from and what it touches most brightly. To feel the wind (and sometimes rain!) on my face. To hear the chatter of wildlife, or people going about their daily lives. Even the smells can make a difference. In that place I am often in awe of the colours that I can see, really see, when I have the scene before me.  

Over many years of practise I’ve been consistently experimenting and refining my techniques of layering my paintings with different colour, media, and textures. 
I always enjoy experimenting with new materials and different mark-making to achieve the most nostalgic and atmospheric paintings. 





Welcome to my Website. 

In my current paintings I am looking for a connection between the sky, water and earth.
I want to show the energy running through the layers of the scene before me.
We often see what is happening above ground level.
I’m exploring the power beneath our feet: How the light and water feed this life giving energy.

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